Science Popularization

Gene garden is an ideal location where the public and students can obtain knowledge of science and technology. The gene garden illustrates the diversity of agrobiological resources, advocates the importance of germplasm conservation, aiming at providing knowledge of genes and enhancing the scientific awareness and level of the public.
The exhibition hall of the gene garden has four sections:
l ·Agrobiological gene resources is a basis for existence and development of human being
l ·Treasure agrobiological resources
l ·Road of exploring mystery of genes
l ·Strengthen research and utilization of agrobiological gene resources

Series of books of “Gene Treasury”
Edited by academician Tan Jiazhen, sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Sci-Tech Commission and Shanghai Sci-Tech Association, the books are written by well known experts from educational and research organizations. The books are aimed at providing scientific knowledge to the publics, enhancing the public scientific literacy, and promoting the development of advanced productivity.

Rice—difficulty and way out
Shanghai Agrobiological Gene Center and Huazhong Agricultural University have been working on research of rice with properties of water saving and drought tolerance, with the support from the central and local governments in China, and the scientists have made remarkable progress in research. The Rockefeller Foundation in USA also pays great importance to the drought problems in China, and believes that more frequent occurrence of drought is threatening food production in China. The Rockefeller Foundation sponsored the research on drought tolerance for many years, promoting the research on rice with properties of water saving and drought tolerance, with the perspectives that the food producers can get benefit from the research conducted by the scientists.